We can help the Land & Ranch Mineral Estate Owner, or Real Estate Broker, with the creation of:

  • Local and County over-view of O&G Activity, Data and other information
  • Mineral Estate Ownership Status
  • Lease creation & negotiations
  • Exploration packages for Land and Ranch Mineral Owners. A Geologic Evaluation & Prospect Development of Mineral Assets (where net mineral acreage is sufficient or an area of industry interest)
  • Mineral Management & Marketing

JESSUP HARPER DEAN LLC aims to provide for the Real Estate professional and Ranch Owner alike:

  • Effectively and efficiently solve the typical drawn out struggle of outstanding title issues by determining Chain of Ownership or Title.
  • Facilitate faster responses on above for Legal Title Opinion determination;
  • Generate at the grass roots level, new areas of oil and gas production for Mineral Owners.
  • Blend the lines between the previously disparate entities of Mineral Owner-Financier-E&P; to enhance mutual understanding of all parties connected in these economic partnerships.

JESSUP HARPER DEAN LLC brings to the table high functioning E&P, Real Estate Brokerage & Ranching experience and backgrounds: In addition to our O&G careers, Greg is a Licensed real Estate Broker, Josephie is a Rancher, Dave has Banking in his background and we all own Minerals and Royalties.

We "get it".