AAPLFeb 14, 2012
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Railroad Commission Sunset bill Update

AAPLMay 4, 2011- From Steve Wentworth, AAPL President

I am pleased to report that the amendment to the Railroad Commission Sunset bill that would have required the licensing of Landmen was defeated yesterday in the Texas House of Representatives. I personally asked for Representative Charlie Geren's help which he agreed to provide. Representative Lance Gooden called the point of order which allowed the discussion to take place. Jay Howard with HillCo Partners LLC, AAPL's consultant in Austin, and Todd Morgan with Morgan Capital Consulting, HAPL's consultant in Austin, both did an outstanding job of helping to defeat this legislation. I was in the unique position to receive constant reports from both parties and I believe they complemented each other extremely well. Although I didn't personally see him in action, I understand Representative Geren spoke very aggressively to the House on the Landmen's behalf and made the motion to table the amendment which passed 101-43. When you have the opportunity to thank Representatives Geren and Gooden, please do so.

I'm afraid the licensing issue will probably be a battle we have to fight in every legislative session from now on. As long as there are deceptive, misleading and unethical Landman practices....some real, some imagined....someone is going to try to regulate us. I encourage you stress the importance of AAPL membership to all practicing Landmen. I think our best chance of continuing to win the fight is to have most (ideally all) Landmen be members of AAPL and continue to emphasize AAPL's code of ethics and standards of practice to our members and the public in general.